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ThetaHealing Instructor, CranioSacral Therapist, Reiki Master Teacher, Chios® Master Teacher, Choice Theory Practitioner
Cranial Sacral Therapy, Energy Healing, Energy Medicine, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Reiki
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My name’s Anik and I’m here to help you navigate your inner world to create an amazing life!

My superpower is helping you hit delete on those internal stressors, unlock who you really are and craft an abundant and authentic life. We all deserve a life filled with love and authenticity, and I can help you get there…

Together we will overcome your personal challenges; I will teach you the tools you need and support your inner growth as you find your true self and manifest a life that makes your soul sing.

You deserve to feel YOUnified – YOU without inner conflict, with the Universe working for you.

I’ve struggled with inner conflict, I’ve struggled with health but then I chose to break the cycle. For years I fought against domestic abuse, self-destructive behaviours and co-dependency while dealing with debilitating allergies, fibromyalgia, and depression….

I overcame these challenges in my life, rewrote the book on what I “should” do and I discovered a new way of life without the suffering and turmoil. I took back control; took charge of my life.

Now I share this knowledge to help you cut through the noise, stop wasting time and energy and finally see real progress towards your goals. Benefit from my decade of training and extensive experience as I show you the roadmap to accelerated transformation.

I guide committed growth-seekers with a grounded spiritual approach, providing the tools and support to create a fulfilling and prosperous life, both personally and professionally.

When I’m not guiding others through my programs or my community, I host the “Dream Life Mastery” radio show on the syndicated talk radio station News for the Soul Broadcasting Network (NFTS).
Featured notable guests include:
* Dr. Deepak Chopra
* Marianne Williamson
* Greg Braden
* Dr. Bruce Lipton

Whether I’m healing, educating or speaking, I love nothing more than to help you conquer your inner conflict and unlock the true you. As we heal, we bring forth abundance.

This is the legacy I hope to leave behind.

Energy psychology qualifications & Experience:

Speaker -
International Syndicated host on News for the Soul Radio
Focus Santé Conference

Founder -
The YOUnified Method
Anxiety-Free Me
Conscious-preneur Prosperity
Chakra Wisdom
Boundaries - Self-Love Actualized
Manifesting Abundance Masterclass
Applied Mindfulness

Facilitator -
Medik Integrative Medicine Clinic


CranioSacral Therapist
Certified Chios® Master Teacher & Former Chios Council Member
Reiki Master Teacher
Choice® Theory, Reality Therapy & Lead-Management.

ThetaHealing® Certifications:
Basic & Advanced DNA
Dig Deeper
Manifesting & Abundance

Practitioner -
Intuitive Anatomy
World Relations
Family Ties
Game of Life
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