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Cranial Sacral Therapy, Energy Healing, Energy Medicine, Reiki
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Anik J. Malenfant,
Transformational Healer & Speaker
ThetaHealing® Instructor
Syndicated International Radio Host

In 2011, I found myself at a crossroad. After climbing the corporate ladder for over a decade, I realized I was chasing happiness instead of living it.

Having achieved everything on my to-do list and overcoming personal challenges , I began questioning what I wanted in life. My world came crashing down around me when I realized I had no idea.

I put away my business suit, and journeyed deep into myself. I thought I knew the answers to my inner questions…but quickly realized I didn't.

The Inner journey has gifted me with so many answers as well as questions I didn't think to ask.
This self -discovery has brought me so much clarity on who I am, what I need, and my purpose.

Now, the biggest gift of all, is that I get to support my students and clients to discover their own inner truths, personal power, and authenticity.

Tell me this...

∙ Do you feel guilty, not enough, unworthy, or self-critical?
∙ Are you looking to connect more deeply to who you truly are?
∙ Do you wonder about your deeper purpose in this life?

The solutions you need are all within you!

I can help you, I have an uncanny capacity to hone in on:
∙ exactly how to delete your stressors
∙ accessing deeper levels of joy, satisfaction and freedom
∙ how to release your internal barriers to your authentic self.

Let me guide you to your inner wisdom. You need not travel this journey alone.

Come discover the comfortable and non-judgmental space that I love to create for you.

Ready, set, Evolve…

Big Love!

Anik Malenfant

Energy psychology qualifications & Experience:

Speaker -
International Syndicated host on News for the Soul Radio
Focus Santé Conference

Founder -
The YOUnified Method
Anxiety-Free Me
Conscious-preneur Prosperity
Chakra Wisdom
Boundaries - Self-Love Actualized
Manifesting Abundance
Applied Mindfulness

Facilitator -
Medik Integrative Medicine Clinic

CranioSacral Therapist
Certified Chios® Master Teacher & Former Chios Council Member
Reiki Master Teacher
Choice® Theory, Reality Therapy & Lead-Management.

ThetaHealing® Certifications:
Basic & Advanced DNA
Dig Deeper
Manifesting & Abundance

Practitioner -
Intuitive Anatomy
World Relations
Family Ties
Game of Life
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