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Reiki Master and BEAM TM practitioner
Energy Healing, Reiki
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Hi, I am Brenda, owner and intuitive energy practitioner at So Brilliant. I have been an energy worker for ten years. I have worked in corporate most of my life and integrated energy work within the corporate setting.
I offer Reiki Sessions and BEAM™ The Bioenergetic Emotional Access Method developed by Dr. J.K. Beattie. I have completed the Soul Detective Course levels, 1,2 and 3 taught by Dr. Barbara Stones; I incorporate these protocols in my practice.

Are you a corporation? I offer an introduction to Benefits of Energy Work, motivational talks presentations, as well as personal on-site Reiki sessions for your associates.

Your comfort and confidence are essential; I take great pride for my compassion and responsible attitude toward all clients.  So Brilliant welcomes you to add energy work to your life and feel the positive benefits first hand.