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PhD, MMsc, CPC, CH
Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming), Energy Healing, Reiki, Energy Medicine
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Dr. Darlene DeStefano, PhD
Facilitator for Healing
Grief & Loss Specialist
Spiritual Teacher
Energy Channeller
Intuitive Master
Life/Business Coach

Entering the caring industries in various facets of nursing from acute care, geriatrics, psych, to travel nursing, and managing an adult psychiatric residence, Darlene also excelled in sales and management in the financial, housing, social, and travel fields.

Darlene sensed a spiritual calling and following two years of study, in 2009 she was ordained as a metaphysical minister in the United States and a spiritualist and metaphysical minister in Canada.

With her innate abilities, natural passion for learning, the attainment of many modalities, and life experiences, Darlene was able to amass these attributes to develop and deliver integrated care, emotional support, and programs to assist thousands of clients transform their lives.

From a dynamic keynote speaker to an electrifying workshop presenter Darlene provides support, guidance, and counselling to groups, couples, and individuals. Her proven track record in the healing of emotions, relationships, the pain from loss, grief, shame, guilt, depression, post traumatic stress, anxiety and more is exhibited in the many testimonials she has received over the years. Darlene has been told over and over again that she has been a positive impact on the lives of those she has served.

The bridge between confusion and clarity is good communication. Darlene can inspire and engage people adding value to their lives by helping them discover their own vision of relationships, personal growth and development, and attain success far exceeding what they ever thought was possible.

Darlene often uses analogies and metaphors to explain or explore the smallest issues to the greatest of self and/or others sabotaging efforts and gains. Her private practice focuses on positive psychology, natural medicine and complementary healing techniques that address the whole person in mind, body and spirit. Darlene is a natural and passionate communicator.

Whether emotional healing, counselling, coaching, mentoring, speaking, providing guidance, or other support, Darlene elevates the lives of others by challenging them to raise the bar on what they believe is possible.