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D. Min.
Barbara Brennan School of Healing, Energy Medicine
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Jane Ely, D. Min.
Jane is a spiritual counselor, and energy medicine practitioner embodying traditional training passed down from her First Nations and Scottish elders integrated with educational academic training and life experience. Her private practice of 28+ years combines hands-on healing practices with deep spiritual counseling and behavioral change. She is a published author, teacher, lecturer and ceremonial elder. Her ancestry is South Eastern, Cherokee; Mi’kmaq, Camp Hill Band; and Highland Scot, Fraser Clan.

She recently moved back to Nova Scotia, Canada saving a small family farm, replanting the great hardwoods by planting 1,000 trees each year. Her vision is to offer the farm model she and her partner are creating as an educational answer to climate change. This keeps her happily occupied, along with working to build a sustainable fruit, nut, berry and vegetable farm.
Educational Training
Jane Ely, D. Min. received training in Energy Medicine, Dream and Guided Imagery, Psychodynamics, Peacemaking Skills, and Skillful Means to support Personal Transformation. As a chaplain, she specializes in counseling skills for end of life passage with individuals and families. She also works with Veterans with Post Traumatic Stress and women in the military who have suffered Military Sexual Trauma.
She is Co-Founder and Dean of The Peacemaker School of Spiritual Healing, established in 2000 as an international, non-profit school dedicated to teaching Peacemaking, Energy Medicine, and Conflict Partnership. She developed and teaches a four-level program entitled Energy Medicine and Ecopsychology, as well as an Advanced Healer’s Program.
Author: Coming into Balance: A Guide for Activating Your True Potential, Parvati Press, NYC. Available on Amazon or at local book stores. Remembering the Ancestral Soul: Soul Loss and Recovery, available at Author House Press. CD: Creation Story, Hemi-Sync. Monroe Institute. For more information please visit: and the non-profit school,
Graduate: Barbara Brennan School of Healing Science Training, 1994. Mentor and Teacher Trainer, 1994-97
Graduate: UCS, Oakland, Doctor of Ministry: Dissertation, Remembering the Ancestral Soul: Soul Loss and Recovery
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