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MSc Psychology
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I provide therapy to individuals (14y+) and couples for various concerns including depression, stress and burnout, professional development strategy, self-compassion, trauma, and relationship issues. Client relationships are built on a strong foundation of trust, non-judgement, and transparency. Working from an integrative approach, I use evidence-based therapies that combine neurobiology and mindfulness to work collaboratively with clients in overcoming difficulty, reducing anxiety, and making lasting changes for enhanced well-being.

My focus is on guiding people to connect with their inherent strengths and resiliency. I work with individuals of all genders, sexual orientations, and backgrounds, inviting clients to explore their concerns in a safe space. I provide cognitive tools for enhanced awareness, self-regulation, attuned communication, and to build safety into relationships.
I’m profoundly inspired by the courage and caring nature that each individual brings to doing ‘the work’. I’ve trained in Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (University of Massachusetts Medical School), and have 3 years experience working with clients on crisis management and trauma, notably, providing psychological support to carers of child sexual abuse.