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Energy Healing, Reiki
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Usha is a holistic energy healing practitioner. She switched to spiritual healing practice from 2000 after working in corporate field for more than two decades. Her spiritual journey started with becoming a Grand Master and teacher of Reiki for healing and attuning students in Bangalore. Her scope increased to other fields from her Guruji who made her understand the power of Palm reading and astrology. The lines, shapes, symbols of palm allow oneself to know self-strength and the houses of Natal chart show the combinations and the influence of all planets in self-life. Additionally, Angel card reading answers all mystical questions bothering you.
She lived her dream from Langara College after burning mid night oil for 700 hours of working with clients, case studies, internship to obtain Advanced Integrative Energy Healing Practitioner Certificate. The concept of energy healing is based on eastern philosophy and western scientific evident based research. It works for emotional, physical and mental illness. It uses simple age old techniques of balancing self-energy by working with Bio field, Astro field and somatic body going up to soul energy. Lots of awareness dialogue are used during the treatment and co-creating the thought process. The session starts from deep relaxation to healing ailments, raising spiritual, mental and physical energy levels.