Research and Credibility

Energy Psychology Research — Sample Studies

Published Research and Review Articles in Energy

This section contains a listing of recent published research, followed by a listing of published case studies, in the field of Energy Psychology, in reverse chronological order. Revised January 2010 (ACEP.)

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Conference Papers and Dissertations

This section is divided into two parts. The first contains abstracts of papers presented at international conferences.  The second contains recent dissertations published in the fields of Energy Psychology and Energy Medicine.

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Scholarly Paper on How Energy Psychology Works with PTSD
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A Path to Credibility

While Energy Psychology has been practiced since the early 1980s, it took some two decades before serious research began to appear.  In recent years, however, there has been an explosion of empirical studies.

  • Links to some 300 articles can be found in The EFT & Energy Psychology Article Library
  • A list that focuses specifically on research studies is available from EFT Universe. Click “Research” in the sidebar
  • Several thousand case reports can also be found by putting virtually any condition into the search engine

See ACEP for updates on APA’s stand on Energy Psychology

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