Betsy Muller, founder of The Indigo Connection, is an Energy Coach, Certified Practitioner of Emotional Freedom Techniques (EFT Cert-1), and spiritual business leader who specializes in helping others experience “life in the flow”.

In her 2011 workshop, Betsy created a wonderful video to highlight the reactions of attendees of the Canadian Energy Psychology Conference.

This years 14th annual Canadian Energy Psychology Conference, is expected to be the best one yet. On October 19 -21, 2012, experts from around the world will come together for an innovative and exciting three day conference dedicated to the study of Energy Psychology. The conference: New Therapies for a New Era, to be held at the Novotel Toronto Centre, will focus on the newest methods and innovations in the field.

Energy Psychology, a term first coined by Psychologist and energy psychology pioneer, Dr. Fred Gallo, is a ground-breaking tool for therapy and self-improvement that combines the power of mind-body energy healing, with a focus on the emotions and psychotherapy.

Sharon Toole, founder and organizer of the event, says about Energy Psychology, “The emerging field of Energy Psychology embraces a variety of exciting new techniques which directly influence the human energy system. In every culture and in every medical tradition before ours, healing was accomplished by moving energy.”

Those participating will have the opportunity to attend workshops by some of the most extraordinary minds in the world, while acquiring the latest ideas, innovations and philosophies from some of today’s leading teachers, innovators, method developers, and authors, in the field of Comprehensive Energy Psychology.  Among those are such luminaries as: Lewis Mehl-Madrona MD., Lee Pulos PhD, Norman Shealy, MD, Sandi Radomski, ND, Hyla Cass, MD, and more!

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