By: Rena Jackson Guttridge

The process of redevelopment and resurgence on vital energy fields began around the middle of the last century, coinciding with expanding awareness and a growing understanding of the values and use of energy medicine.

The great successes achieved over the subsequent years are a reflection of this and demonstrate that the body’s vibrational responses are more alert and our ability to react and heal by way of the energy body is conclusive. This leads to the hypothesis there have been significant changes in the human energy body itself for the receptive and transmutation process to be so much more effective and successful.

In my experience, the most notable and groundbreaking developments on the energy body have occurred on the Chakra system.

Traditional teachings tell us that Chakras are both sacred and energetic centres that carry the life force. They provide and equip the energy body with both unity and transformation and as architects for the Soul create, then supply and sustain the frequencies in all of our energy body and levels of consciousness. In these functions, they are not and cannot be static and unchanging and the following portrayal based on valid healing practice shows that the Chakras have developed, realigned and transformed in line with an evolving awareness and rising consciousness.

The vibrant clusters of energy known as the Chakras are concentrated at strategic and specific locations in and around the body. Aligned to perfect geometric precision, they form a dynamic and evolving system related to the changes and developments in human and esoteric consciousness, yet they remain constant and unremitting in their capacity to support and sustain our life.

Vibrating in perfect harmony, they are self adjusting and each carry a set of principles and values specific to our emotional and physical well being. As a major part of our energy body they are reflective of and correspond with our physical and emotional health and energy on all levels.

They respond to disparity in human emotion and dis-ease but only in an attempt to rectify the disruption and imbalances and to encourage and promote healing. Their accuracy and alignment is part of a system that operates within the human body, the subtle energy body and beyond, therefore reaching frequencies that are outside of our basic consciousness and linking to the vast self regulating intelligence of cosmic and soul light. They close only as we approach death.

Each Chakra and energy centre holds a unique and distinctive range of principles, a set of ideologies that relate to human and emotional health. These principles offer sustainability and sustenance within each of their areas of remit and responsibility. However they are not individual in their action, each is constantly unified, amalgamated and dependent on the other for an interactive and supportive energetic programme.

Although self regulating, the Chakras can be stimulated, balanced, reordered and realigned by way of various forms of energy healing approaches and induction.
By the same token they can become misaligned or distorted during episodes of stress, illness, mishap and sometimes even variations in our lives and health patterns, reflecting all that is present in our being physically and emotionally. Continuing good health and well being depends on these energy centres functioning in harmony and providing the human energy body with stability, balance and endurance.

The time-honoured Chakras are part of an ancient system of belief that has upheld the existence of 7 Major Chakras. This is a traditional view that is undeniably accurate, but advances in consciousness and energetic evolution over the last century have brought about inevitable growth and progressive change. Along with growing awareness and developing consciousness, there has been a renewal of energy centres that have previously laid obscured and dormant.

This revitalisation has brought the Major Chakras within the human energy body to 10. Is all of this new? Or is it that we are simply re-storing and re-membering?

The regeneration of major Chakras is momentous and the redevelopments have had significant effect on the growth, exposure and awakening of 4 additional secondary, intermediary Chakras. Although secondary, they are by no means inconsequential. On the contrary, these interactive centres are extremely vibrant and play a vital role in our evolving healing potential, our progressive health and well being. Their effect on the energy body is substantial and profound.

The re-establishment of previously dormant Chakras has also allowed a beautiful and expanded connection with 4 frequencies of energy and light that exist above the Crown Chakra, giving access to levels of ancient, inspirational knowledge, stability and endurance. This has opened up echelons of energy that were previously unattainable. This expansion gives us and our energy body unlimited possibilities and a redeveloped healing potential that is significant, functional, enlightening and constructive.

The 10 Major Chakras, along with a specific interconnecting energy field now correspond distinctly to the 10 Sefirot on the Tree of Life including Da’at – the ultimate sphere in the healing and transmutation process.

Chakras have previously been considered to be the link to achieving heightened consciousness, to finding enlightenment and to attaining a higher state of mind. Although beautiful thinking, this is a restrictive view. Chakras are much more advanced and practical in their function than this. They are interactive in all of our health and healing potential. Vital to our basic wellbeing, they have the capacity to reach the ultimate light of the Soul and their balance and harmonious function has an ability to sustain us on all levels.

So in brief we are now functioning on: 

• 10 Major Chakras –including the renewal of the Earth Chakra at the heels.
• 4 Intermediary in body Chakras that play a vital role in and have a significant effect on our progressive healing potential and our emotional well being.
• 4 subsequent high energy fields above the Crown Chakra, opening up echelons of energy that were previously unattainable and bringing levels of inspirational knowledge, stability and endurance.
• A developing energy field that expands around the face and the heart that corresponds to Da’at on the Tree of Life.

The Chakras are an amazing system of energy that ultimately provide access to our inherent healing, truth and purpose as they constantly restore and convey their essence. They are the ultimate bond to our inner consciousness and the fundamental gateway to the higher reaches of awareness and enlightenment.

The evolved energy centres give us and our energy body unlimited possibilities.
I consider that the potential of healing with energy medicine is immense and that we have, with a fully functioning energy body, a natural inherent capacity to heal on a wide scale. For me this is the way forward in healing and I personally will continue to promote and expand concepts that I believe offer freedom from suffering and peace for the Soul.

Gary Craig tells that we are on the ground floor of energy medicine; I believe that we are slowly climbing the stairs!

Working with Light and Joy,
Rena Jackson Guttridge

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BIO: Rena is an ex-nurse who has worked in Chakra healing and development for over 30 years. A supporter of energy medicine in all of its concepts, she is the founder of the Healer Foundation, a support network for complementary therapists the UK. She is the originator of Completeness Emotional Release Technique® that embraces the concept of evolving Chakras in line with a rising and developing consciousness.Rena is privileged to be presenting her work at the Energy Psychology Conference in Toronto 2012.

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