by Barbara Stone, PhD, LISW, DCEP

At the deepest level, time is an illusion, and everything that has ever happened to a person’s soul is happening right now.  Unresolved trauma from previous incarnations reverberates into our present life and influences our behavior in ways we may not consciously understand.

Indicators of Past Life Trauma:

  • Recurrent problems that do not respond to standard treatments
  • Unexplained phobias
  • Recurrent nightmares of a traumatic scene in which one is in mortal danger
  • An immediate sense of feeling unsafe when meeting a new person

Bernie Siegel, MD, shared his memory of a traumatic past life set in Irelandin the foreword to my book Invisible Roots: How Healing Past Life Trauma Can Liberate Your Present:

I was a knight, and the Lord of my castle was angry at a neighboring Lord for continuously infringing upon his land and not abiding by their property boundaries.  He summoned me and ordered me to kill his daughter in retribution.  I suggested he kill the neighboring Lord instead of his daughter and inquired what would happen if I refused.  He asserted, “Then I shall kill you.”  Well, my fear and survival instinct led me to consent, and off I went to the neighboring castle.

I told them I was traveling through and asked to rest there awhile.  They welcomed me in.  I avoided the young woman to minimize my emotional involvement.  I befriended her dog with treats so he would not be aggressive toward me.  Then one evening, I quietly made my way up the stairs to her room.  I wanted to kill her while she slept so she would have as little pain as possible.  As I opened the door, her dog came forward.  I offered him a treat, but he sensed my intention and growled.  I brought my sword down on his skull, killing him.  The sound disturbed the young woman, and I turned quickly to kill her before she awakened, but I was too late.  As she turned and looked at me, I saw the face of my wife, in this lifetime, and knew they were incarnations of the same soul.  Nevertheless, I proceeded to chop her head off.

This past life memory devastated me.  I sobbed for hours afterward and intermittently for days.  At the same time, I realized why my wife’s face has always had a hypnotic effect upon me and why I am so involved in rescuing animals.  No matter how upset or angry I feel with my wife, when she looks at me, the negative feelings evaporate.  I still feel the need to care for her and make up for what I did to her out of fear in that lifetime.

Bernie resolved the trauma of that memory and knows he became a surgeon in this life, so he could use a knife to heal rather than to kill.

The 15-step Soul Detective™ past life protocol I developed uses muscle testing to identify the setting, gender, and location of the past life and then employs Energy Psychology techniques to rapidly, gently, and effectively desensitize the trauma.

Dr. Stone is presenting a one-day post conference workshop titled “Actualizing Human Potential.” A bilingual psychotherapist, Professor at Energy Medicine University, author, and an ACEP Certification Trainer and Consultant, she holds a doctorate in clinical psychology from Pacifica Graduate Institute.  Website:

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