Membership FAQ

What is the membership year?

The membership year is based on an anniversary date membership as opposed to a calendar date membership. In a calendar date all members are due on the same date. In an anniversary date membership your membership renewal is due on the anniversary of the date that you joined.

CAIET backs up the membership start date to the first of the month.  If you joined November 15th, your membership start date is November 1st of that year.  Therefore, your annual renewal will be on October 30.  In the example listed,

your membership would start November 1st and expire October 30th   of the following year.

What is the Joined date?

The “joined” date is the date on which the member initially joined CAIET.

A Rejoin date is a second join date assigned if the membership is cancelled and the member decides to rejoin after a hiatus.

What is a Grace Period?

CAIET allows a two month grace period, a period of time past a member’s expiration date during which membership is still active, but delinquent.  A membership, in theory, may be cancelled 60 days after their expiration date; in practice we allow an additional two weeks to avoid reinstating those who may pay a little later than that grace period. After the 60 day grace period, a penalty of $25 is added to the member’s renewal fee.

Using the example from above, a member with an expiration date of October 30 may be cancelled two months later on December 31. However, in practice, that member is cancelled approximately 75 days past the expiration date. In this case the member would be cancelled in mid January.

What is a Restart?

A member who has been cancelled or is in arrears, may decide not to reinstate their membership (pay all owed back dues) and instead opt to restart.  If they opt to restart their membership, a new start date is provided and they are considered a new member.   Restart Fee: $56.50 ($50 + $6.50 HST).

Who is considered delinquent?

Any member who has not paid by their expiration date but is within their grace period is considered delinquent.

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