by Crystal Hawk, M.Ed

There are many reasons why I’m so pleased to be alive at a time when Energy Psychology HAS emerged. My field is psychotherapy and I’m in my 83rd year. So I’d had the experience of helping my clients with their many sided issues for over 30 years before I first learned about Energy Psychology. Before this time a client with good therapy could face up to three years of constant therapy in order to accomplish what they could now accomplish in months, or even less.

This shortened time frame is possibly one of the most exciting elements of being able to use some of the modalities available to us now. In my present practice I mostly use Emotional Freedom Techniques – EFT – and Tappas Acupressure – TAT.

Beyond the shortened time frame, there’s also the ease with which a client can learn one of these amazing modalities and be able to help themselves at any time. And I’ve found that age is no barrier. Clients as young as 8 and 10 and as old as 80 + have easily learned the tapping form of EFT and taken it on as their own.

Its helped to banish monsters in the closet or under the bed, fears of going to overnight camp and eliminated negative experiences in the classroom. College students have found that EFT before exams or while studying for them eases their tension and results in better sleep and  much better grades. Older folks are amazed at how they are still holding on to very old limiting scripts which easily dissolve with a few sessions of EFT, leaving them also sleeping better and feeling brighter.

Energy Psychology has revolutionized the way therapy is offered to clients. In the hands of a trained professional it can quickly and effectively offer sustained support and real help to so many in so many different areas of life’s difficulties. In the hands of the client it offers immediate help at any time of day or night, supporting their own self reliance and developing their sense of personal inner strength and ability.

Another excellent reason to use an Energy Psychology modality is that I can count on them. They always work. Recently I took part in a Conference being offered on line by the Global Renaissance Group out of London, Ontario. I was filmed facilitating an EFT workshop with several hundred in attendance. While on film I asked for a volunteer with pain to come to the front. A woman offered to come up who had a neck pain she’d had for three years. Within about five minutes, using basic EFT, the pain was completely gone. She was shocked and burst into tears. Many people asked me how I could take such a chance to work with a complete stranger when I was being filmed for the world to see. I answered that there was no risk – the modality does the work and I can always count on EFT. What could be better than that, I ask you?

I also like the fact that I can work with a client in many ways, not possible for me before this time of my life. Besides seeing the person in my office, I attend to clients over the phone and by Skype. So clients can be anywhere in the world and be helped with their issues. People often ask why I’m still working. I answer that I continue to work as a psychotherapist because of my constant excitement in being able to help people using the amazing modalities of Energy Psychology.

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